Cuba Family Adventure

Cuba Family Adventure Map

Cuba Family Adventure Map

Cuba Family Adventure

Cuba’s past is well-known, but what of its present? Take the family and find out for yourself on this jam-packed 12-day adventure that celebrates the island’s colonial past and vibrant modern-day culture. Here, you’ll learn to salsa in Havana, go swimming in Cueva de los Peces, explore colonial Trinidad and learn about the revolution in historic Santa Clara. Blessed with history, culture, and unspoiled natural splendor, Cuba is captivating, indoors and out.

What’s Included



Day 1 Havana

Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer included.

Arrive in Havana at any time and enjoy the city.

A G Adventures representative will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel.

It is important to note that Cuba tends to be quite different to other areas of the world you may have travelled in. Buildings and infrastructure are generally old and may not have been maintained to the highest standard. Elevators, internet and A/C often break down, things happen very slowly and water pressure and hot water can be minimal. Cuba is an amazing place to visit but to fully enjoy and relax, western expectations should be left at home and your sense of adventure should be your guide.

Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting


Tonight, the adventure begins. Feel free to explore — but make sure you’re back in time to meet your group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your trip.

Arrival Airport Transfer

José Martí International Airport – Havana

You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel to start your adventure.

Day 2 Havana (1B)

Take a tour of Havana in a classic American car before trying an optional salsa lesson in the afternoon.

After arriving in Havana, spend the day exploring the city. Discover the history and culture of La Habana Vieja in style, taking a classic American car tour through the city.

In the afternoon, get a chance to stretch your legs taking a salsa class. It’s a great opportunity for dad to show off his dancing skills!

Havana City Tour in Vintage Car

A fantastic way to experience most of Havana—and in style! Hop into a well-preserved car from the 1950s and cruise around, soaking in the city’s atmosphere.

Optional Activities

Salsa Lesson

Learn how to salsa – whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have a lesson perfect for you! It’s a great option for groups. Small class sizes and professional teachers make this activity a hit with G Adventures passengers.

Day 3 Havana/Viñales (1B)

Drive to Viñales and enjoy a walk among towering limestone karsts and a visit to the Caverna de Santo Tomas.

Take a sightseeing tour of the valley, including a visit to the Caverna de Santo Tomas. Get up close to the valley’s incredible geological formations. Tour a section of the cave by boat!

Private Vehicle

Havana – Viñales2h30m-3h30m280km

Take a sightseeing tour of the valley, including a visit to the Caverna de Santo Tomas. Get up close to the valley’s incredible geological formations, and tour a section of the cave by boat!

Caverna de Santo Tomas Visit

Viñales Full Day

Visit Cuba’s largest cave system, which stretches more than 46km (28 mi). Explore a 1km (.6 mi) section of a cave that’s open to the public, and see stalagmites, stalactites, and a number of other natural attractions.

Day 4 Viñales/Las Terrazas (1B)

Tour the small community of Las Terrazas, with a visit to the natural pools of San Juan.

From Viñales, continue on a short journey to the nature reserve of Las Terrazas. Located in the Sierra del Rosario mountains, the reserve is filled with lakes and waterfalls and is a great place for the kids to play in all day.

Private Vehicle

Viñales – Las Terrazas1h-1h30m128km

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

Las Terrazas Tour

Las Terrazas

Head out to explore Las Terrazas on a guided tour with the CEO. Learn more about the community and Las Terrazas’ roots as a reforestation project. The site became an ecotourism resort in 1990, providing jobs to the 850 inhabitants of the area. Discover the resort’s many attractions, including a centre of ecological research and investigation and artist workshops where visitors can flex their creative muscles, see the handiwork of local artisans, or just shop. Then head to local natural pools for some water fun!

Pools of San Juan Visit

Las Terrazas

Grab your swimsuit and enjoy splashing around in the cool waters and waterfalls of San Juan.

Day 5 Las Terrazas/Playa Girón (1B)

Visit the crocodile farm at Guama before heading to the caves and rivers of Cueva de los Peces and on to Playa Giron for the night.

Continue to the south of the island, heading for Playa Giron, the scene of the attempted invasion of Cuba by American forces. Along the way, stop to visit the crocodile farm at Guama as well as Cueva de los Peces where the kids can have lunch and swim among brightly coloured fish.

Private Vehicle

Las Terrazas – Guamá

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

Crocodile Farm Visit


Visit a local, government operated crocodile farm to learn about the conservation and care of these awe-inspiring reptiles. This location specifically breeds the Rhombifier and Acutus species of caimans and cares for sixteen species of endangered reptiles.

Cueva de los Peces Visit

Cueva de los Peces

Marvel at the amazing underwater beauty of Cueva de los Peces, a water-filled cenote which drops 21m (70 ft) below the earth’s surface. Sit and relax in a hammock, snorkel among brightly coloured tropical fish or just float in the water and enjoy the sun.

Day 6 Playa Girón/Cienfuegos(1B)

Cross by ferry to the fortress of Castillo de Jagua. Spend the rest of the day free in Cienfuegos.

In the morning, take a short ferry across the bay to Castillo de Jagua. Located in the entrance of the Bay of Cienfuegos, the fortress was built in the 1740s by the Spanish to protect the bay from pirates. You and the kids can pretend to protect the bay from invaders all over again.

Continue to Cienfuegos, where the rest of the day is free. Spend the night.

Private Vehicle

Playa Girón – Cienfuegos

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.


Cienfuegos – Jagua Morning

Get to the next spot on your route aboard a convenient and efficient ferry boat.

Castillo de Jagua Visit


Cross by ferry to visit Castillo de Jagua, an imposing fortress that sits across the bay from Cienfuegos. Built in the 1740s by the Spanish to protect the bay from pirates, it serves as a great reminder of the colonial past of the area.


Jagua – Cienfuegos

Get to the next spot on your route aboard a convenient and efficient ferry boat.

Free Time

Cienfuegos Afternoon

Relax and make the most of Cienfuegos and the surrounding area.

Day 7 Cienfuegos/Trinidad (1B)

Transfer to Trinidad. Enjoy a tour of this beautiful colonial-era town and have plenty of free time to wander.

Take a short drive along the coast in the morning to the southern coastal city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trinidad.

Enjoy an included tour of the area to get your general bearings. The rest of the time is free to wander the cobblestone streets, shop, and experience the great music scene that has made this city famous.

Private Vehicle

Cienfuegos – Trinidad1h-1h30mMorning80km

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

Orientation Walk


Enjoy a brief walk with the CEO, designed to orient you with useful places in new destinations like supermarkets, main squares, and ATMs. For more specific or in depth destination information, an official guided tour is recommended.

Free Time

Trinidad Afternoon

Explore the colonial city of Trinidad, with its colourful centre and windings streets. It’s a great place to get lost for the day.

Day 8 Trinidad (1B)

Have a free day to enjoy optional activities. Visitors looking for outdoor activities will find Trinidad a haven for horseback or bicycle riding (don’t expect any modern mountain bikes though!). If a beach sounds like what you’re looking for, try snorkeling or diving in nearby Playa Ancón, just 12km (7.5 mi) from town.

Free Time

Trinidad Full Day

Explore the colonial city of Trinidad, with its colourful centre and windings streets. It’s a great place to get lost for the day.

Optional Activities



Rent a bike and head off to see the area. Set in the Escambray mountain range, Trinidad is a great location for exploring. Enjoy the winding streets of the town, take to the hills around the area or challenge yourself with a cycle down to the beach.


Playa Ancón

The waters around Cuba are known for their gentle tides, warmth and diversity of underwater flora and fauna. Grab a mask and tank, pull on some flippers and head down into the depths to discover all this for yourself. Off the Ancón Penninsula, find a narrow shelf with a sandy bottom, home to marine sponges, black coral and schools of colourful tropical fish.

Horseback Riding


Escape the cobblestone streets, hop on your horse and ride through the countryside in the Valley of the Sugar Mills. Pass plantations of sugar cane and mango trees. Take the trail to a cascading waterfall where you can wash off the dust and feel refreshed.


Slather on the sunscreen and head out into the tantalizing waters. Float effortlessly in the clear warm water and look for schools of fish, coral, sponges and more. Spot a sea turtle in the sea grass.

Day 9 Trinidad (1B)

Visit the nature reserve of Topes de Collantes, before transferring to the hacienda for the night.

Cuba is an island well known for its natural beauty, and we can see a lot of natural wonders visiting the Topes de Collantes reserve, located in the Escambray Mountains. Filled with caves, rivers, waterfalls, and pools, this is a natural playground.

Enjoy the day here, before transferring to the hacienda accommodation for the night.

Topes de Collantes Visit

Trinidad Full Day

Visit Topes de Collantes, a nature reserve set among the Escambray Mountains filled with wildlife, waterfalls, and caves. Discover natural pools and trails while exploring, and soak in the beauty of the impressive wilderness, which will make a long-lasting impression.

Day 10 Trinidad/Santa Clara (1B)

Santa Clara is home to some of Cuba’s most important historical locations. Visit the site of Che Guevara’s mausoleum, and the famous armored train that was a central part of the Cuban Revolution.

Head inland to visit the site of some of the most important moments in Cuban history at Santa Clara. Kids will be fascinated by the stories of the Cuban revolution, and can see the armored train used by the revolutionaries to attack the government troops that helped to turn the revolution for them.

Private Vehicle

Trinidad – Santa Clara

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

Che Guevara’s Mausoleum Visit

Santa Clara

The Che Guevara Mausoleum houses the remains of this Marxist revolutionary leader killed in Bolivia in 1967, as well as 30 of his men. The room itself is designed to resemble the Bolivian mountains where he died. Set eyes on a 6.7m (22ft) bronze statue of the hero. Nearby, there is a museum dedicated to his life and an eternal flame lit by Fidel Castro.

Day 11 Santa Clara/Havana (1B)

Return to Havana, where the afternoon is free to explore the city. Have time to learn how to make traditional musical instruments, and, of course, enjoy playing them.

In the morning, drive back to Havana. On return, the rest of the day is free. Explore the city at leisure, visit some of the bars and restaurants in the city, or sit at a café and watch the world go by.

The evening is a great opportunity to have one final meal with newfound friends and family.

Private Vehicle

Santa Clara – Havana1h-1h30m95km

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

Making Musical Instruments


Have fun learning how to make (and play) Cuban instruments. Cuba is famous for many things, but among the most famous exports from the island is music. Take a lesson in how to make some of the instruments used on the island. Spend some time learning to play them, and create some sounds unique to the Caribbean.

Free Time

Havana Afternoon

Havana is the multicultural centre of Cuba. Make the most of free time here to explore the city and all its diverse and vibrant areas.

Day 12 Havana (1B)

Depart at any time.

Date:Adults (18+) and Youths (12-17):Children (6-11):
July 24, 2015$1349 Cdn.$1249 Cdn.
August 7, 2015$1349 Cdn.$1249 Cdn.
December 20, 2015$1349 Cdn.$1249 Cdn.