Hundreds of thousands of tourists’ come to Varadero, Cuba’s leading tourist resort, each year, lured mainly by the over 18 km of white, sandy beaches. Over the years, the tourist industry has transformed the landscape, though a few old-fashioned streets and wooden houses remain.

Located 132 kilometres from Havana on the Peninsula de Hicacos, in the province of Matanzas, Varadero is a long, thin strip of land 25 km in length that extends into the sea. The beaches are magnificent, definitely the loveliest in the country. The calm, clear waters range in colour from turquoise to deep blue and with an average temperature of 25 C., are perfect for swimming and water sports.

Varadero has more than 3,000 rooms. The rapid development of tourism in Cuba is giving rise to a steady increase in hotel capacity. It offers outings on yachts and motorboats, fishing, skin-diving and practically all water sports. Nights are equally enjoyable at the cabarets, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment spots. It is linked to Havana by the Via Blanca highway, along the north coast, and to locations abroad by its airport and dock. There is excellent telecommunication with all parts of the world 24 hours a day.

This is a seaside resort that has nothing in common with the rest of the country. Here, you are more likely to meet a German or Canadian than a Cuban. The few residents you’ll encounter are likely to be hotel or restaurant employees.