Armadores de Santander

Facing the broad expanse of the Bay of Havana, the Armadores de Santander stands where the city’s colonial past meets its present-day life and attractions.

Though a short walk away from the busy and lively Plaza de San Francisco, the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches, the Garden of Mother Teresa and the Havana Club Rum Museum, at the doorstep of the Old Town’s sightseeing beat and attendant bustle, the hotel is just far enough away from the action to afford the peace and quiet many travellers seek, turned nostalgically towards Havana’s days of booming maritime commerce.

The colossal wooden doors, arcade and wrought-iron hanging lamps that greet you at the entrance recall a time of horse-driven carriages and cobbled avenues, and the restored, 19th-century interior and furniture – though bordering on the sombre at places – has class and charm. The long and elegant lobby bar (open 24 hrs.) and internet café are nestled pleasantly between the avenue and this sober setting.

The 32 air-conditioned terrace and port-facing rooms have amazing, panoramic views of the bay, where the glistening waters are traversed by ships the day through. Tempered by a generous sea-breeze, these are magnificent places to take your breakfast, enjoy a quiet read or let your mind wander out to sea, past the glitter of port-lights at night. All rooms feature lush hardwoods, colonial tile floors and handsome furnishings including state of the art bathrooms. One room is accessible for travellers with disabilities. Double bed or twin beds, satellite TV, hairdryer, safety deposit box, minibar. Pool table.