Resource Materials

Cuba is a country of rapid change. On our website we have attempted to keep all of the information as up-to-date as possible. The following publications have been of great assistance in our research. We have limited our listing to those published in the English language, only because that is the language we speak. We have also limited them to those published since 2000. It is our feeling that those published prior to that date would have material that is out of date. We have also limited our listing to those books which contain information and have not listed any of the fine pictorial books available which are compilations of photographs. If you become aware of publications we should be listing but have not, or of a newer edition of one of the listed publications, please email the details to us so that they might be added. All publications are generally available through the website in Canada or the website in the US.


101 TOP HISTORICAL SITES OF CUBA; Alan Twigg; Prospect Books; Published 2004; 126 pages; ISBN 0-88878-440-6

500 HIDDEN SECRETS OF HAVANA, Magalie Raman, 2016, Luster Publishers,  255 pages, ISBN 97894-6058-1892

BARACOA-WHERE CUBA BEGINS – Miguel A. Castro Machado; St. Augustine Baracoa Friendship Association; Published 2001; 96 pages; ISBN 0-9716675-0-0

BERLITZ CUBA POCKET GUIDE; Eleventh revised edition 2009; Berlitz Publishing Company; 144 pages; ISBN 978-981-268-494-3

BICYCLING CUBA-50 DAYS OF DETAILED RIDES; Wally and Barbara Smith; Backcountry Guides; Published 2002; 328 pages; ISBN 0-88150-553-6

CRUISING GUIDE TO CUBA; Simon Charles; Cruising Guide Publications; 2nd Revised Edition 1997; ISBN 0-944428-36-3

CUBA (9th ed.) Brendan Sainsbury-Carolyn McCarthy; Lonely Planet Publications; Published 2017; 543 pages plus Havana city map; ISBN 978-1-78657-149-6

CUBA – Fodor’s New Edition; (3rd edition) Published 2016; 252 pages; ISBN 978-1-101-88023-4

CUBA – Globetrotter Travel Map (Fifth Edition); New Holland Publishers Ltd.; Published 2008; ISBN 978-1-84773-212-5

CYCLING CUBA – Rosa Jordan, Derek Choukalas; Lonely Planet Publications; Published 2002, 280 pages; ISBN 1-86450-249-5

DIVING & SNORKELING CUBA – Diana Williams; Lonely Planet Publications; 2nd edition October 1999; 121 pages; ISBN 0-86442-773-5

EYEWITNESS TRAVEL GUIDES – CUBA; Dorling Kindersley Publishing; Sixth revised edition 2015; 328 pages; ISBN 978-1-4654-2710-6

FOOTPRINT CUBA; (6th edition) Sarah Cameron; Footprint Handbooks; Published 2016, 496 pages; ISBN 978-1-910120-63-7

FROMMER’S CUBA; Clair Boobbyer; Fifth Edition 2011; Wiley Publishing Inc., 312 pages, ISBN 978-0-470-92173-9

FROMMERS CUBA DAY BY DAY (21 smart ways to see the country); Clair Boobbyer; First Edition 2010; Wiley Publishing Inc., 183 pages plus map, ISBN 978-0-470-72161-2

HAVANA – Brendan Sainsbury – Lonely Planet Publications, Second Edition Published 2007, 232 pages, ISBN 978-1-74104-069-2

HAVANA and the best of Cuba- – (Edited by) Lesley McCave; Third Edition 2007 – Time Out Guides, 254 pages, ISBN 978-1-846700-14-9

HAVANA-KNOPF MAPGUIDE; Pierre Marchand; First American Edition 2004; Alfred E. Knopf, ISBN 0-375-71039-6

INSIGHT COMPACT GUIDE – CUBA; Beate Schumann, Paul Fletcher; APA Publication;First edition 2001, Updated 2004; 129 pages; ISBN 981-258-038-7

INSIGHT GUIDE: CUBA; (Edited by) Sarah Cameron ; Insight Guides; Sixth Edition 2014; 368 pages; ISBN 1-78005-204-9

MICHELIN HAVANA MUSTSEES – (Edited by) Sophie Friedman, First Edition 2016, Michellin APA Publications, 160 pages, ISBN 978-2-06721619-8

MOON – CUBA: (6th Edition) Christopher P. Baker; Moon Travel Handbooks; Published 2015; 652 pages; ISBN 978-1-61238-824-3

MOON –  HAVANA: Christopher P. Baker, Moon Travel Handbooks, 2015,  253 pages, ISBN 978-1-63121-282-6

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER – CUBA; Christopher P. Baker; National Geographic Society; Second Edition Published 2007; 272 pages; ISBN 978-1-4262-0142-4

POCKET HAVANA (with map of Havana), Brendan Sainsbury, 2017, Lonely Planet, 159 pages, ISBN 978-1-78657-699-6

ROUGH GUIDE TO CUBA; Fiona McAuslan and Matthew Norman; Rough Guides; (Sixth Edition) Published 2013; 508 pages; ISBN 978-1-40936-279-1

ROUGH GUIDE TO HAVANA; Fiona McAuslan and Matthew Norman; Rough Guides; (First Edition) Published 2010; 255 pages; ISBN 978-1-84836-258-1

ROUTARD-CUBA; Hachette Publishers; (English Edition) Published 2002; 381 pages; ISBN 1-84202-062-5

TOP 10 CUBA; Christopher Baker; Eyewitness Travel; Published 2012, 144 pages plus pullout guide and map ISBN 978-0-7566-8549-2

TRAVELER’S COMPANION-CUBA; Kirsten Ellis; Kummerly + Frey/Globe Pequot Press; First published 1999; second edition 2002, 349 pages; ISBN 0-7627-2217-7

WALLPAPER CITY GUIDE-HAVANA, Jeremy Case, (Third edition) 2014, Phaidon Press Limited, 103 pages, ISBN 978-0-7148-6655-0


CHRONICLES ABROAD – HAVANA: John Millers & Susannah Clark; Chronicle Books; Published 1996; 240 pages; ISBN 0-8118-1058-5

CUBA – A CONCISE HISTORY FOR TRAVELLERS – Alan Twigg; Bluefield Books; Published 2000; 175 pages; ISBN 1-894404-03-3

CUBA – Text: Franc Nichele; Photographs: Michel Renaudeau; Published 1999, Evergreen – a division of Benedikt Taschen Verlag GMBH; ISBN 3-8228-7064-1

CUBA IS NOT ONLY VARADERO – Around Cuba by Bicycle; Jerzy Adamuszek; Yunia Publications; Published 1997; ISBN 0-9681044-0-1

ENDURING CUBA; Zoe Bran; Lonely Planet Publications; Published 2002; 255 pages; ISBN 1-74059-067-8

HAVANA – Arlinda Miranda; Smithmark Publishers Inc; Published 1995; 96 pages; ISBN 0-8317-2152-9

MAJOR WORLD NATIONS – CUBA; Clifford W. Crouch; Chelsea House Publishers; Published 1999; 112 pages; ISBN 0-7910-4736-9

PLEASURE ISLAND – Tourism and Temptation in Cuba; Rosalie Schwartz; Published 1997 University of Nebraska Press; Bison Books paperback edition published 1999, 239 pages; ISBN 0-8032-9265-1

READER’S COMPANION TO CUBA; Edited by Alan Ryan; Published 1997 Harcourt, Brace & Company; 392 pages; ISBN 0-15-600367-8

SIX DAYS IN HAVANA – James A. Michener and John Kings; University of Texas Press; Published 1989; 144 pages; ISBN 0-292-77629-2

THE LAND OF MIRACLES – A journey through modern Cuba; Stephen Smith; Abacus Travel Books; Published 1998; 292 pages; ISBN –349-10813-7

THIS IS CUBA – AN OUTLAW CULTURE SURVIVES – Ben Corbett; Westview Press; Published 2002; 292 pages; ISBN 0-8133-3826-3

TRAINS OF CUBA – Steam, Diesel & Electric; A guidebook by Adolf Hungry Wolf with photos, maps, rosters and detailed information; Canadian Caboose Press, Published 1996; 96 pages, ISBN 0-920698-46-8

WAITING FOR FIDEL – Christopher Hunt; Mariner Books/ Houghton Mifflin Company; Published 1998; 259 pages; ISBN 0-395-86886-6


GLOBETROTTER TRAVEL MAP; New Holland Publishers Ltd.; Published 2000; ISBN 1-85974-255-6

GUIA DE CARRETERAS – Una Publication Especial del Directorio Turistico de Cuba. This 48 page excellent road map is a must for anyone who will be driving in Cuba. It is far superior to anything else we’ve seen. It can be purchased for $5 USD on the departures level at Havana airport and at the Cupito gas stations.

MAPEASY’S GUIDEMAP TO CUBA; Mapeasy Inc., Published 1999; ISBN 1-878979-60-4

MARCO POLO CUBA, MairDumont, Published 2011, ISBN 978-3-8297-6742-2

ROUGH GUIDE MAP OF CUBA; 2003; Rough Guides; ISBN 1-84353-209-3

WORLD-MAP – Cuba; American Map Corporation


CUBA – TABACO, MUSICA Y RON (Spanish with English sub-titles).(2003) 50 minutes. Horizons – ANS Entertainment. ISBN 0-43011-60259-7

NATURE – THE WILD SIDE OF PARADISE – Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean (Excellent program on the wildlife of Cuba) (2005) 54 minutes. Questar Inc. ISBN 0-33937-03589-0